Singapore and India have agreed two deals to share sanitation and governance lessons.

One partnership will see Singapore train 100 Indian central and state government officials on urban planning and governance. This agreement was made between the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise and India’s Town and Country Planning Organisation.

The second deal was agreed for Singapore to share knowledge on water and waste management. The Singapore Cooperation Enterprise will work with India’s policy planning unit NITI Aayog on this.

The deals were announced on the last day of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Singapore.

The two countries are already partnering on Modi’s ‘100 Smart Cities’ initiative. Singapore is developing the masterplan for a new state capital for Andhra Pradesh.

They will explore new partnerships to develop and invest in smart cities, it was announced. “Prime Minister Modi encourages Singapore to explore the possibility of developing urban centres under the Smart Cities initiative,” according to a joint statement on the partnership.

Yesterday Singapore and India also signed a partnership to share real-time information on cyber attacks.

Image above from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook page.