The 6th century French bishop Gregory of Tours would often enthuse about young people, writing in his History of the Franks that the world was becoming more pious and respectful.

This seems surprising, because we commonly assume that older generations always disapprove of younger ones. Nowadays, the reverse seems to be true. The phrase ‘okay boomer’ is becoming popular online where younger people blame older generations for declining economic opportunities, rising house prices and increasing carbon emissions.

What is the situation in ASEAN? GovInsider interviewed ten young people from across the region to understand their perspectives, and help government officials see their priorities. They are activists, innovators and entrepreneurs alike. It doesn’t reflect the opinions of all young people in ASEAN, but it does give an insight into some new perspectives. Do they trust government? Are they optimistic about the future? And who inspires them?

Meet the interviewees

Agung Hikmat, Presidential Advisor, Indonesia

Alvin Tan, Community Volunteer, Singapore

Benjamin Soo, Founder, Laos

Debby Adelina Suryani, Political Officer, ASEAN

Farlina Said, Security Analyst, Malaysia

Grace Ann Chua, Community Builder, Singapore

Julia Agoncillo, Researcher, Philippines

Kounila Keo, Managing Partner, Cambodia

Le Nguyen, Business Woman, Vietnam

Queenie Chong, Startup Founder, Brunei

Illustrations by Joy Lim.