Project management ‘top skill’ required in ICT industry

Data analytics is most needed technical skill, Singapore Computer Society survey says.

ICT professionals in Singapore most need people and project management skills, a new survey has revealed. 39% of the 1,000 professionals surveyed by the Singapore Computer Society believe that these skills are required to remain competitive in the industry. 29% believe that data analytics is the most needed technical skill set in the industry. 14% believe security engineering and management is a key technical skill needed for career growth. 10% said that infrastructure architecture, and requirement gathering and process design are key skills.
IT business development is the second most important “soft skill” with a 15% vote. 14% believe information management is important, while 8% said that green management is a key skill.
Overall, half of all the ICT professionals believe that they need to upgrade their skills to remain relevant in the industry. Respondents aged 36 to 50 years feel the greatest need (37%) to learn new skills, while people aged 21 to 35 had the least urgency (28%). Less than 60% of the people surveyed said that they are aware of government skills training programmes by the Workforce Development Agency and Infocomm Development Authority.