Announcing our ‘Women First’ policy

By Medha Basu

GovInsider's new policy to ensure our platforms equally represent women in the public sector.

I go to a lot of conferences nowadays; I’m sure you’re in the same position. The vast majority of them are noticeably male-dominated, in a way that’s unrepresentative of the industry at large.

As our annual Women in GovTech feature shows, there are brilliant women across the world involved in public service innovation, but they seem not to have a voice at the local and regional conferences on this topic.

We want to change this. That’s why, from today, we have a new policy.

We will never invite a male speaker if we can get a female speaker from the same agency to share the same case study.

Our priority is to have cool case studies that inspire officials to change. That comes from agencies as much as from individuals.

So we’re confident that we can make a difference to our community and showcase a different group of public servants to the world.

On that note, I should announce our first keynote speaker for Innovation Labs World, GovInsider’s flagship summit.

I’m delighted that Minister Sophie Løhde, Denmark’s Innovation Minister, will be talking about the incredible things happening in the nation including design thinking from the world-leading MindLab, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and much, much more.

Let’s change the world!

Medha Basu is Deputy Editor of GovInsider.