Indonesia in massive overhaul of shipping hubs

By GovInsider

24 ports across the country to be connected in a single system.

The Indonesian Government has begun a shipping revamp to bring together data from across 24 ports in the country.

This will allow the government to monitor the performance of ports across the country, and reduce the amount of time ships and cargo spend waiting at the port.

The project will begin with 14 ports under the Indonesian Port Corporations (Pelindo), a group of state-owned companies that run the country’s ports.

This first part will cost RP1 trillion (U$76.7 million) and will allow logistics companies to track their containers online.

“All service users will be able to monitor the position of their containers in real-time. It can be estimated when their containers will arrive at the destination ports,” said Dwarjo Surajanto, President of Pelindo III, last week, according to Jakarta Post.

The first 14 ports will be connected by January 2018, Dwarjo estimates.

The project will form the foundation for a new “sea toll road” program to create cheaper inter-island routes in the country.

The government is looking to reduce the gap in prices of goods between the western and eastern islands of Indonesia.

Image by Martin Alexius, licensed under CC BY 2.0