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A Citizen-centric, Sustainable And Inclusive Johor

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Day 1

Registration & Morning Coffee
Welcome Remarks by YBHG Datuk Syed Mohamed Bin Syed Ibrahim, President & Chief Executive, JCORP and Tyler Lim, Director, GovInsider
Opening Keynote
A Citizen-Centric Johor Powered by Data

From beefing up Johor's food resilience and promoting sustainable development to delivering more proactive and citizen-centric services, data holds the key. But managing the access and sharing of data as well as implementing data-driven policies and services can be complex. 

In this session, we bring together policy makers, data experts and industry players to discuss how data can be best wielded to serve the rakyat. 


Key takeaways: 

  • Uncover the challenges in delivering data-driven policies and services 

  • Learn from successful case studies of data sharing and data-driven policies and services 

  • Best practices of how data can be used to offer more proactive and citizen-centric services 

  • The digital tools and platforms that can facilitate more seamless sharing and management of data

Break and Networking
Transforming Public Sector Services through Cloud Computing 

Malaysian Government is looking to tap on cloud services through the government cloud, which combines services from MyGovCloud@PDSA and public cloud service providers. Cloud computing has the ability to revolutionise service delivery, enhance efficiency and improve citizen experiences in Johor’s public agencies. However, many agencies still rely on outdated and complex legacy systems that are not compatible with cloud technologies. ​

This panel aims to delve into challenges and discuss potential solutions and recommendations to transform public services through cloud computing to cater for more adaptable and agile services for the citizens.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Highlighting the potential benefits of cloud computing in the public sector 

  • Discussing strategies to address data security and privacy concerns 

  • Modernising and integrating legacy systems with cloud technologies  

  • Formulating migration strategies and potential hybrid cloud solutions to bridge the gap between existing systems and the cloud

Networking Lunch
Workshop: Redefining Sustainability Solutions in Johor

If there’s one takeaway from the second iteration of Johor Conversations, it’s that sustainability and climate challenges are complex and multifaceted, requiring innovative solutions that consider the needs of people, planet, and prosperity.  


In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to leverage design thinking principles to identify and develop sustainable solutions for Johor state.  


Key takeaways: 

  • Define sustainability challenges, identify key stakeholders, and co-create solutions that are both practical and impactful 

  • Digital tools that can help them tackle sustainability challenges in Johor and beyond 

  • Hear from successful case studies and learn strategies that can be applied to their respective agencies and work 

Boardroom Workshop: Leaders as the Changemakers

In the inaugural Johor Conversations, participants highlighted the importance of change management to guide public servants/ talents in adapting to a smarter, technology-driven world.  


This workshop brings together industry and government leaders for an interactive session focused on building skills and knowledge to inspire and equip the next generation of public servants/ talents. 


Key takeaways:  

  • Strategies for effective communication, stakeholder engagement, and creating a culture of innovation 

  • Hear from successful case studies and learn best practices in change management 

  • Hands-on activities to develop practical skills

Roundtable: Building Resilient and User-Friendly Digital Services Using Generative AI

From health records to business grants, the digitalisation of services has brought citizens unparalleled convenience and efficiency.  


But that is contingent on the good design and resilience of these digital services. In this session, we bring together public servants, business leaders, technologists and design experts to uncover how agencies can build digital services that meet the evolving needs of citizens in times of crisis and beyond.  


Key takeaways: 

  • Key elements of resilient digital services, including security, accessibility, and scalability. 

  • How to ensure citizen-centricity in digital service design and development 

  • Case studies of successful digital public services around the world 

Networking Break and End

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