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Build Once, Deploy Anywhere: The Future of Whole-of-Government Analytics & AI

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Note: This event is only for Government & Public Sector Agencies (Federal & State) and Statutory Board attendees. GovInsider reserve the right to decline registrations from outside these sectors.


According to the latest United Nations e-government survey, data analytics and AI will be the key technologies that define digital governments moving ahead. Within Asia-Pacific, countries like Singapore, Australia, and India have embarked on whole-of-government analytics and AI platforms that enable agencies to provide more efficient, personalised, and seamless services to citizens.


But governments have complex IT environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud setups, as well as barriers to interoperability. These challenges make it difficult for digital government leaders to provide secure, consistent, standardised, and automated analytics and AI workflows that can be deployed across government.


In this session, government tech leaders and experts from Red Hat and SAS will discuss key considerations and best practices for developing and implementing whole-of-government analytics and AI platforms to maximise value, provide personalised and accelerated experience to citizens, and deepen government data science capabilities.

Key takeaways: ​

  • Understand the value of a “build once, deploy anywhere” approach when it comes to analytics and AI workflows within government​

  • Showcase successful case studies of integrated analytics solutions that have addressed multi-agency challenges effectively

  • Explore strategies for deploying a common analytics and AI platform that can be adapted to meet the diverse needs of government agencies



Date & Time

From: Jun 13, 2024 - 11:00AM (GMT+8)

To: Jun 13, 2024 - 12:20PM (GMT+8)

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