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GovInsider Live – ASEAN (Singapore 🇸🇬)

Venue: PARKROYAL COLLECTION, Marina Bay (formerly Marina Mandarin)

Singapore In-person sessions

[Roundtable] Achieving citizen-centric government through personalised and seamless digital experiences​ (By Invitation Only)

Venue: Parkroyal Collection, Marina Bay, Singapore, Palm Room 6, Level 6


According to a survey conducted globally by Adobe last year, 86% of public sector respondents believe their digital experiences are not meeting public expectations. But, in today's digital age, citizens’ expectations for public services have never been higher. Leveraging digital tools and data strategically can enable governments to design accessible and inclusive services and deliver them in ways that impact people's lives. ​


The "Achieving Citizen-Centric Government Through Personalised Seamless Digital Experiences" roundtable, hosted by GovInsider and Adobe, brings together experts and thought leaders to explore a wide range of trends affecting the public sector's ability to navigate changing citizen expectations and discuss strategies to increase citizen and business engagement, as well as run effective public campaigns with personalised and seamless digital experiences.​


Attendees will walk away with effective strategies to increase citizen and business engagement and run effective digital campaigns to influence citizen behaviour through personalised and seamless digital experiences. The event will also provide a platform for networking and collaboration among attendees, panelists, and hosts. ​


This roundtable session is by invitation only. If you are keen to attend, please contact madeleine@govinsider.asia.

Inside the playbook for building effective government products ​

Venue: Parkroyal Collection, Marina Bay, Singapore, Atrium Ballroom, Level 5


Today, GovTech bodies in each country take the lead in driving Singapore’s public service towards a tech-savvy future. Here in Singapore, they are the brains behind whole-of-government digital platforms like APEX and the Singapore Government Tech Stack, and have developed a plethora of cutting-edge digital products and services. In Malaysia, the MySejahtera app was responsible for helping the nation deal swiftly with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Ready to learn from the best? Join GovTech experts from Malaysia and Singapore as well as private sector tech experts for a session on building products from scratch and discover the digital platforms and tools that can help you create government applications with ease. From success stories to insider tips, join this session to find out how you can optimise your product development lifecycle.

Lunch Break
[Roundtable] The path to achieving digitalization and decarbonization goals for the public sector (By Invitation Only)

Venue: Parkroyal Collection, Marina Bay, Singapore, Palm Room 6, Level 6


In the race to net-zero, public sector agencies have to lead the way before expecting industry players and the public to follow. The Singapore government has set ambitious goals to green its government with GreenGov.Sg, setting whole-of-government carbon abatement and resource efficiency goals ahead of the national target.​


At the same time, the country is leading the path for digital transformation in ASEAN, with investments in commercial and sovereign cloud platforms, artificial intelligence, security solutions, and automation. What are some of the steps that agencies can take to continue pursuing these initiatives while remaining on track to achieving their sustainability goals?​


This closed-door, exclusive roundtable session hosted by GovInsider and AMD will bring together sustainability officers, IT professionals, and tech providers to discuss the tools, strategies, and strategic partnerships needed to do more with less and drive green government ambitions while achieving digital transformation goals.


This roundtable session is by invitation only. If you are keen to attend, please contact rachel@govinsider.asia.

Accelerating innovation and transformation for a safe and secure Singapore​ (By Invitation Only)

Venue: Parkroyal Collection, Marina Bay, Singapore, Atrium Ballroom, Level 5


Limited manpower and resources has driven Singapore to digitally transform its security and defence sector in past years. The adoption of smart technologies like AI and automation, as well as the introduction of drones and robotics are all initiatives that Singapore has undertaken to keep its citizens safe and secure. ​


But with increasingly sophisticated criminal threats, the sector needs to accelerate innovation and transformation to keep up. In this session, we bring together government leaders across the government agencies that are keeping Singapore safe and secure, technological experts as well as other defence experts to identify challenges hindering innovation, find solutions to accelerate product development, and explore ways to fortify Singapore’s defences in the face of risk and uncertainty.


This session is by invitation only. If you are keen to attend, please contact wani@govinsider.asia.

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