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Scalable, Secure and Speedy: Enabling GenAI Platforms for Governments with Robust Data

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Note: This event is only for Government & Public Sector Agencies (Federal & State) and Statutory Board attendees. GovInsider reserve the right to decline registrations from outside these sectors.


The Singapore government has recently finalised its GenAI governance framework, with data and security as key governance dimensions. As public sector agencies embark on their GenAI experimentation journey, they face the challenge of striking a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring secure data governance. ​

Recognising that a robust data foundation is crucial for driving AI innovation, this roundtable discussion will focus on the technological aspects and best practices necessary to construct GenAI platforms capable of seamless integration with existing government systems. ​

Bringing together government leaders, AI practitioners and industry experts, the discussion will delve into strategies aimed at implementing a robust data foundation and enhancing the agility and responsiveness of GenAI solutions. By doing so, agencies can deliver innovative and efficient services while maintaining the highest standards of data security and integrity. ​

Key takeaways:


1. Data security for GenAI adoption: Learn how to protect proprietary and sensitive government data in GenAI applications, while leveraging AI for improved decision-making​

2. Real-time insights for government operations: Explore how GenAI solutions coupled with robust data enable timely decision-making and responsiveness within government operations and public service delivery​

3. Scalable and flexible GenAI platforms: Discuss strategies to create genAI platforms that can adapt to changing needs, while maintaining security and efficiency in GenAI deployments​



Date & Time

From: Aug 15, 2024 - 10:00AM (GMT+8)

To: Aug 15, 2024 - 12:45PM (GMT+8)

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