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Public Sector Renewal Panel: Charting the Future Amid Global Challenges 

By GovInsider

Leaders will explore innovative strategies technologies, and policies for revitalising the public sector's capacity to tackle urgent societal challenges. They will discuss ways for government to adapt, innovate and better serve the public in the 21st-century landscape, amidst emerging challenges from the polycrisis and emerging opportunities presented by digitalisation. 

Speakers at this panel include:

-Charles Landry, Co-Founder, Creative Bureaucracy, United Kingdom 

-ME7(NS) Hoo Soo Pin, Director, Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, Digital & Corporate Transformation Division, Ministry of Defence, Singapore 

-Giulio Quaggiotto, Strategic Innovation Advisor, Prime Minister’s Office, UAE 
-Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari, General Secretary, Amalgamated Union of Public Employees, Singapore 


Tamsin Greulich-Smith, Director, School of X, DesignSingapore Council, Singapore 

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