Seven is the number of good luck, magic, even perfection. This year marks the seventh year we have run the Women in GovTech Special Report. And indeed, the work that our interviewees have achieved is nothing short of extraordinary.

We have profiled directors, ministers, cyber chiefs, product managers, and strategists. All of them have tirelessly tested out new tech and approaches to make public services simpler and more accessible.

These projects span everything from vaccine operations to food and climate tech. Some have even pioneered new ways to make room for innovation, including a startup accelerator reality TV show and the world’s first virtual ministry.

One thing that stands out from our interviewees this year is the importance of mentorship. They each shared the role models who have led them to where they are today. And no doubt, they will themselves go on to inspire the next wave of leaders and dreamers.

We also asked them what gets them up and going in the morning. There was a lot of sunshine, alarm clocks and coffee – even a couple of overly affectionate cats. But it was mostly a keen sense of hope and determination to leave the world in a better place than they found it yesterday.

We hope you are as inspired by these stories of resilience and ingenuity as we are. Meet the Women in GovTech 2021.


Leeanne Chau, Assistant Commissioner – Smarter Data, Visual Analytics and Transformation, Australian Taxation Office, Australia


Basma Albanna, Doctoral Researcher, Global Development Institute, University of Manchester, England


Liisa Past, Chief Information Security Officer, IT and Development Centre, Ministry of the Interior, Estonia


Aafreen Siddiqui, Regional Engagement Lead, Government Innovation, UNDP Asia-Pacific

Barbara Ubaldi, Head of Digital Government and Data Unit, OECD

Piret Tõnurist, Senior Project Manager, Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, OECD


Barnali Mukherjee, Additional Director, National e-Governance Division, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India

Dr Seema Khanna, Deputy Director General, National Informatics Centre, India


Aisha Marzuki, Head of Exploration, UNDP Accelerator Lab, Indonesia

Ashri Nooraida Permana, UX Researcher, Jabar Digital Service, West Java, Indonesia

Aulia Zahrina Qashri, Product Manager at Digital Transformation Office, Ministry of Health, Indonesia

Indah Dwianti, Head of Digital Services and Information, Jabar Digital Service, West Java, Indonesia

Dr Ir Irawati T Priyanti, Head of Centre of Data and Informatics Facility, KOMINFO, Indonesia

Nisrina Rohadatul Aisy, Data Quality, Jabar Digital Service, West Java, Indonesia


Karen Makishima, Minister for Digital, Japan


Arune Matelyte, Co-Founder & Manager, GovTech Lab Lithuania, Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, Lithuania


Dr Maslina Daud, Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Proactive Services Division, CyberSecurity Malaysia, Malaysia

Ida Semurni Abdullah, Vice President, Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology, Malaysia

Ts Dr Siti Istianah Mahdzur, Digital Service Design Architect, ICT Strategic and Architecture Development Division, MAMPU, Malaysia


Gabriela Rios Landa, Head of Exploration, UNDP Accelerator Lab, Mexico


Purnima Shakya Bajracharya, Head of Exploration, UNDP Accelerator Lab, Nepal

New Zealand

Diane Turner, Director of the Office for Seniors, New Zealand

Eleisha Hawkins, General Manager, Data System Capability, Stats New Zealand, New Zealand

Nadia Webster, Manager Data & Insights, Wellington City Council, New Zealand


Irina Velasco, Head of Exploration, UNDP Accelerator Lab, Philippines

Rosa Maria M. Clemente, Director, Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System, Philippines

Rowena Candice M. Ruiz, Executive Director, Government Procurement Policy Board, Technical Support Office, Philippines


Gissele Gallardo Gonzales, Chief Information Security Officer of the Americas Region at NTT DATA EMEAL, Peru


Justyna Orłowska, Prime Minister’s High Representative for Government Technology and Head of the GovTech Center at the Prime Minister’s Office, Poland


Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor, Moscow City Government, Moscow


Alice Tang, Deputy Director, Information Management and Analytics & Quality and Patient Safety, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, Singapore

Anna Lee, Director, Network & Operational Technology Systems, SP Group, Singapore

Dr Candice Leong, Consultant, Department of Radiology, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Caroline Tan, Senior Deputy Director, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Singapore

Dr Chen Xixian, Research Scientist, Research and Biotransformation, Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation, A*STAR, Singapore

Chok Wen Li, Consultant, Cybersecurity Certification Centre, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, Singapore

Clara Sin, Chief Operating Officer, Group Service Transformation & Medical Records, National University Health System, Singapore

Daphne Koh, Chief Information Officer, National Council of Social Service, Singapore

Elizabeth Tan, Deputy Director, International Cyber Policy Office, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, Singapore

Eng Huiling, Director (Technology Development), Simulation & Training Systems Hub, Defence Science and Technology Agency, Singapore

Dr Ho Ying Swan, Principal Scientist, Analytical Science & Technology (Metabolomics), Bioprocessing Technology Institute, A*STAR, Singapore

Dr Hoi Shu Yin, Chief Nurse, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Kam Yoke May, Deputy Director, Engineering Productivity, GovTech, Singapore

Lee Chen Ee, Group Director, Innovation and Transformation, SingHealth, Singapore

Lee Wan Sie, Director, Trusted AI and Data, IMDA, Singapore

Lim Hong Yee, Director and Senior Principal Pharmacist, Division of Pharmacy, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Lim Voon Hooi, Chief Nurse, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, Singapore

Liu Jinyue, GIS Fellow, Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR, Singapore

Loke Hui Yi, Senior Cybersecurity Specialist, Advanced Cyber Attack Simulation, GovTech, Singapore

Lorraine Ong, Assistant Director, Advanced Cybersecurity Capabilities, GovTech, Singapore

Prof Malini Olivo, Deputy Executive Director, Institute of Bioengineering and Bioimaging, A*STAR, Singapore

Meharun Nisha, Systems Engineer, SingCERT (NCIRC), Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, Singapore

Melanie Kam, Director, Innovation and Grants, Centre for Healthcare Innovation, Singapore

Dr Neerja Karnani, Senior Principal Investigator, Head of Clinical Data Engagement, Data Hub Division, Bioinformatics Institute, A*STAR, Singapore

Dr Ng Siew Bee, Senior Principal Investigator, Discovery, Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation, A*STAR, Singapore

Dr Ong Chen Hui, Cluster Director, Biztech Group & Chairman, SG Women in Tech, IMDA, Singapore

Ow Siew Ngim, Director of Streetscape, NParks, Singapore

Patricia Zhao, Deputy Director, Agile Consulting and Engineering, GovTech, Singapore

Shara Wong, Digital Business Analyst, Parents/Students Digital Services, Information Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore

Sharon Chen, Director, Operations, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, Singapore

Shermaine Sim, Head, Guided Weapon Systems, Weapons & Armament Systems, Land Systems Centre of Expertise, HTX, Singapore

Sherry Du Xiaoyu, Assistant Director, IHiS, Singapore

Sonjia Yan, Product Manager, Open Government Products, Singapore

Tabitha Quake, Assistant Head and Senior Prosthetist/Orthotist, Foot Care & Limb Design Centre, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Associate Professor Tan Ern Yu, Senior Consultant, General Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Tang Hwee Suan, Director, MOHH Entities Technology Services (METS), IHiS, Singapore

Dr Valerie Teo, Family Physician, Consultant & Head, Kallang Polyclinic, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, Singapore

Wong Soo Min, Group Chief Financial Officer, National University Health System, Singapore


Audrey Tang, Digital Minister, Taiwan

Hao-Ting Chang, Design Lead,Public Digital Innovation Space, Taiwan


Karndee Leopairote, Supervisory Committee, Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA), Thailand

Dr Krithpaka Boonfueng, Deputy Executive Director, National Innovation Agency, Thailand

Theresa Mathawaphan, Chief Strategy Officer, National Innovation Agency, Thailand


Nadia Ben Ammar, Head of Exploration, UNDP Accelerator Lab, Tunisia


Gokce Tuna, Head of Exploration, UNDP Accelerator Lab, Turkey

United Arab Emirates

HE Huda AlHashimi, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Affairs, United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom, United States of America

Dr Mary Aiken, Professor of Cyberpsychology, Capitol Technology University USA & Professor of Forensic Cyberpsychology, University of East London UK


Phan Hoang Lan, Head of Exploration, UNDP Accelerator Lab, Vietnam