Hospital Health Check: Exclusive interviews from across Asia

By Joshua Chambers

The state of healthcare in Asian countries, and their priorities in the year to come.

Is there any more rapid area of technological development than healthcare? There is massive potential, and hospitals are set to make massive changes. In Asia, the most successful are rapidly expanding, bringing healthcare to swathes of their country’s population.

GovInsider has interviewed 8 hospital chief executives from across Asia, to find out about the state of healthcare in their countries and their priorities in the year to come.

The interviews are published below in full. First, here are four things that we learned:

1. Quality is the priority

Every hospital manager repeatedly mentions the importance of service quality. Asian healthcare is a growing market, and the best way to ensure success is to deliver the very best standard of healthcare.

2. Rural expansion matters

Cities have great health coverage, but rural health is the next frontier. Successful hospitals are looking to expand their coverage, but they need to ensure that service quality doesn’t slip. Technology is key, with telemedicine providing training and specialist support to new clinics.

3. Cloud is not used yet but will be soon

Cloud computing is not being used by all of the hospitals we spoke to, but was a priority for them. This is because it enables them to share expertise and data very quickly as they expand.

4. Robots are coming

Many of the hospital managers are interested in robotic support in surgery. That said, it isn’t an immediate priority. Service quality, expansion and training are clearly bigger issues.

The full interviews: