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Day 3

Welcome Remarks by GovInsider
Goodbye passwords: Digital identities for safer and more convenient online services

Today, many Malaysia citizens face the struggle of having to memorise numerous different passwords and keying them in manually just to access different online services. What if there was a way for citizens to access these varied services through a single platform that is safe, verifiable and secure?

There may soon be, with Malaysia’s plan to implement a National Digital Identity by 2024, as part of the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDigital). This session invites the key government leaders and industry players involved in the implementation of this National Digital Identity to uncover what progress has been so far, considerations and concerns that have been raised in this process, and how Malaysia can move forward with a National Digital Identity that is safe, secure and trusted by citizens.

Key discussion points:

  • The potential of digital identities to create more secure and convenient digital services
  • The challenges in implementing a national digital identity
  • Uncovering the digital technologies and platforms that can help with the implementation of a national digital identity
  • Exploring pathways towards the smooth implementation of a national digital identity across government agencies and for the private sector
The Future of Public Service: Cloud Computing and Citizen-Centric Services

Public service delivery is critical for ensuring the well-being of citizens and driving economic growth. However, traditional methods of service delivery are often complex, inefficient and fail to meet the evolving needs of citizens. With the increasing adoption of cloud computing, there's an opportunity to transform public service delivery and enable citizen-centric services that are scalable, accessible and responsive.  

But many organisations may face challenges in understanding the benefits and risks of cloud-based systems, migrating existing services to the cloud, and ensuring data security and privacy. This session aims to address these challenges, uncover the opportunities, and identify strategies for leveraging cloud computing to deliver citizen-centric services that meet the needs of citizens in the 21st century.   


Key Takeaways: 

  • Gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in cloud computing and citizen-centric services in the public sector, helping you stay up to date with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field 
  • Learn from thought leaders on challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in public service delivery  
  • Develop a better understanding of the potential benefits and risks of cloud computing and citizen-centric services, helping you make informed decisions about your agency’s digital transformation strategy 
  • Explore practical tools that can help you enhance your agency’s digital capabilities, improve citizen services and achieve your goals for public service delivery 
[Roundtable] Opening new doors for public service delivery: Hybrid cloud for government (By Invitation Only)

In May 2022, the Malaysia government launched a new government hybrid cloud service, MyGovCloud. The platform aims to integrate private cloud services from its Public Sector Data Centre with private cloud services onboarded through a standardised Cloud Framework Agreement. 

This session will seek to evaluate the current success of MyGovCloud and what government agencies can do to make full use of the opportunities available. It will bring together key stakeholders from the public sector, technology providers, and cloud computing experts to sieve out the challenges surrounding hybrid cloud adoption thus far, explore possible solutions, and determine how a new era for cloud services will usher in new possibilities for public service delivery and enhance the wellbeing of the rakyat.


Key Takeaways 

  • Defining open hybrid cloud and its potential impact on the public sector in Malaysia
  • Evaluating the current success of the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint, and the government’s aim to migrate 80% of government data to the cloud by 2022 
  • Determine opportunities, challenges and risks associated with open hybrid cloud, including security and data management
  • Best practices for planning and implementing an open hybrid cloud strategy
  • Real-world examples of open hybrid cloud adoption by the Malaysian government agencies


Note: Roundtables are by invitation only but you can note your interest in the registration form and we will send over a confirmation if you are invited. 

Lunch Break
[Roundtable] The transformational power of digital payments for governments​ (By Invitation Only)

Piles of paperwork, increased waiting times and manual reconciliation has kept government services slow, inefficient and tedious. Most countries are transitioning to a digital government model, with citizen-centricity at the forefront of this approach.

This reduces governments’ administrative burden and costs, improves efficiency and simplifies access to digital public services for citizens and businesses alike. 


This roundtable session brings together public sector officials, financial institutions as well as industry players to discuss how to uncover the benefits of digitising government services and digital payments for governments, citizens and businesses to create a seamless, trusted and integrated experience for all. ​



Note: Roundtables are by invitation only but you can note your interest in the registration form and we will send over a confirmation if you are invited. 



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