Inside Sentosa’s sustainability strategy

From investing in renewable energy to greening infrastructure and closing the waste loop, Singapore’s resort island has been on a journey to become a sustainable tourism destination. Can it also be a model for the country’s net zero goals?

Data Analytics

How Google ensures security for its billions of users

Google is one of the most-used site in the world. But how does the tech giant keep its tens of billions of users safe from cyber threats? Michaela Browning, Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy in Google Asia Pacific, sheds light on the matter.


Cybersecurity key to the future of Singapore’s financial services

Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has laid out its vision for the next three years. Cybersecurity and trust in the financial services sector will be critical towards achieving the nation-state’s ambitions, says Vincent Loy, Assistant Managing Director, Technology Group, MAS, to GovInsider.