GovInsider Innovation Awards

Nominations for the GovInsider Innovation Awards 2019 are now open
until 15 September 2019.

An international panel of judges will assess the nominations and select the three most popular which will be listed on our website and at the event. The overall winner will be announced at GovInsider Live on 16 October 2019 at the UN Conference Center in Bangkok.

Please download the nomination forms below and email them to Desiree@GovInsider.Asia.

Please contact Desiree at +65 6590 3961 if you have any questions.


Best Adaptation

This award recognises a project that has pivoted after it was initially announced. The project will have been announced to tackle a problem, but found that its approach was not working. Using agile project management, it will have adapted to discover how to better serve users and improve service delivery.

Best Citizen Engagement Project

This award recognises a project that has engaged citizens and has metrics showing how it reached a large audience of people. A project needs to have used tools to create impact on a communications campaign, either changing perceptions, responding to aggrieved citizens, or reaching a new group in society.

Best Team under 35

This award celebrates young officials who have used their skills and experiences to help shape government services. The team must show how they achieved a successful result to better serve citizens – and entries with metrics as evidence will be favoured.

Best Use of UI and UX Design

This award recognises the best use of design to improve a service and ensure that it is simple for a citizen to access and understand. The project must have been built between 2017-2018.

Best Use of Data

This award recognises a project that has used data across multiple agencies or sources to find new conclusions, efficiency savings, or delivery models. Applicants must show how they discovered a new conclusion that had not previously been considered.

Best Drones and Robotics Project

This award celebrates an organisation that has used drones or robotics to deliver services in a new way. Applicants must either have used these tools to improve efficiency of a service; improve the ultimate delivery of a service; or trial a new service that otherwise could not have existed.

Best Risk

This award recognises all projects that took a risk. That may have been a policy risk; the trialling of a new approach; or the delivery of a service in a novel way that bucks the trend in your agency or organisation.

Nomination Forms  
Best Adaptation Download
Best Citizen Engagement Project Download
Best Team under 35 Download
Best Use of UI and UX Design Download
Best Use of Data Download
Best Drones and Robotics Project Download
Best Risk Download


Siim Sikkut

GCIO, Estonian Prime Minister’s Office

Karen Delafield

CIO, HM Treasury and Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

Tuty Kusumawati

Head of Planning, Jakarta Regional Development Planning Board

Stuart Smith

Head of Partnership Solutions & Design, UOB Group Retail Digital Bank at United Overseas Bank Limited

Joshua Chambers

Editor, GovInsider