The Team

GovInsider is a team of writers, developers, government geeks, events producers and content marketers. We love working with government!

Joshua Chambers

Joshua is the Founder of GovInsider. He has spent the past nine years interviewing cabinet secretaries, government ministers and agency chief executives across the world. He studied History and Politics at the University of York, and was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University in New York.

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Medha Basu

Medha is senior reporter for GovInsider. She has spent the past four years writing about government policy making, digital government and public service delivery. She studied economics at the National University of Singapore.

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Desiree Lee

Desiree is GovInsider’s community manager. She oversees our work with government officials, ensuring that we retain good relationships across the region. She spent the past five years working closely with government officials at an events company. She studied Business Management at the University of South Australia.

Contact: | +65 6590 3980

Paul Meridith

Paul is GovInsider’s partnerships manager.

Contact: | +65 6590 3947

Nurfilzah Rohaidi

Filzah is a reporter at GovInsider. She has spent the last five years as a writer, covering government, healthcare and technology. She studied design at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Contact: | +65 6590 3945

Wendy Lai

Wendy is Senior Operations Manager for GovInsider’s events. She has been running large scale event operations for the last eight years across Asia Pacific.

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Khairunnisa Abd-llah

Nisa is Marketing Manager at GovInsider. She graduated from University of Adelaide with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Contact: | +65 6590 3965

Richard Ireland

Richard is GovInsider’s honorary publisher, and the managing director of Clarion Events Asia. He is a master’s graduate from the University of Sydney, and has been involved in business media and events for the past 20 years.