The Team

GovInsider is a team of writers, developers, government geeks, events producers and content marketers. We love working with government!

Yun Xuan Poon

Yun Xuan is GovInsider’s Deputy Editor. She studied Linguistics and Multilingual Studies at Nanyang Technological University. She gets excited about doughnuts, puns and the opportunity to discover ingenuity in government at every turn.
Contact: | +65 6590 3969

Shirley Tay

Shirley is Senior Reporter at GovInsider. She majored in Communication Studies at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and is passionate about human rights issues. In her free time, she bakes or harasses one of her four cats.

Sean Nolan

Sean is a Reporter at GovInsider. He studied Politics at the University of Warwick. You’ll find him always ready to talk about social issues or the score from last night’s match.

Justin Tan

Justin is an Editorial Fellow with GovInsider. He is an incoming undergraduate to Yale-NUS College, and is fascinated with the intricate complexities of global societies. Outside of work, you may find him pretending to be a guitar hero in his room or combing the internet for fresh alternative-rock albums.

Lim Tian Jiao

Tian Jiao is a Research Fellow at GovInsider. She is an undergraduate at Yale-NUS College planning to major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and is excited to learn more about education and public policy. In her free time, she enjoys watching reality shows and tracking down neighbourhood cats.

Amit Roy Choudhury

Amit is a senior technology journalist who writes a weekly column for GovInsider. He has spent the last two decades interviewing senior technology leaders for national newspapers. He has expertise in enterprise technology, telecommunication, cyber security, finance and macro economic news.

Amanda Oon

Amanda manages GovInsider’s conferences and events. She is an experienced conference and content manager, with a focus on innovation and tech across both public and private sector. Before GovInsider, Amanda was Deputy Editor for a London-based B2B media company specialising in cybersecurity events and editorial.

Jasbir Singh

Jasbir is Partnerships Manager at GovInsider. He has vast experience in the MICE and Events industry and has worked closely with government agencies to curate, execute and launch their events successfully. In his free time, he’s a daredevil in search for the next adrenaline-rush activity.

Rane Tan

Rane is Partnerships Manager at GovInsider. He has spent the last 10 years working closely with Fortune 500, Multi-National Companies and Small Medium Businesses internationally to meet their business objectives through the platform he worked on.

Joy Lim

Joy is Head of Marketing and Creative at GovInsider. She’d never refuse a good conversation about trees, humans, or great design. When she’s not making content to help us connect with our community, you might find her learning a fifth language or drawing a nearby stranger.
Contact: | +65 6590 3985

Jasmin Lee

Jasmin is a Marketing Fellow with GovInsider. She is an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University majoring in Marketing and is always looking for opportunities to explore around design, content creation and global social issues. In her free time, she may dabble in water colouring or be singing her heart out.

Eileen Chan

Eileen is a Video Fellow with GovInsider. She’s in her final year of polytechnic studying digital visual effects. One day, she hopes to be producing videos professionally. When not working, she’s typically watching some shows on Netflix or shopping online.

Wendy Lai

Wendy is Head of Operations for GovInsider’s events. She has been running large scale event operations for the last eight years across Asia Pacific.
Contact: |
+65 6590 3989

Annabelle Ooi

Annabelle is operations manager for GovInsider’s events. She has been managing events, exhibitions and conferences for the last seven years.
Contact: | +65 6590 3980

Lorraine Lau

Lorraine is GovInsider’s Project Director. Having founded and led her own digital agency specialising in advertising, media buying, publishing, talent management, and project management, she has had 13 years of experience working with clients worldwide, and possesses expertise in digital media, events, and exhibitions.

Richard Ireland

Richard is GovInsider’s honorary publisher, and the managing director of Clarion Events Asia. He is a master’s graduate from the University of Sydney, and has been involved in business media and events for the past 20 years.